Our licensed abstractors will work diligently to provide you with a thorough history of your new property to ensure that your closing goes as smooth as possible.

Title Search

Our staff can conduct detailed property title searches for any property or properties that you own or are interested in purchasing.

Title Insurance

Our Licensed title insurance agents will assist you in protecting your property from issues that may rise with the title of a particular property.

Escrow Services

Our dedicated staff can establish an escrow account for your property that will pay things like property insurance & property taxes

Real Estate Closing

  • Document Signing, Recording & Transfer
  • Obtains Mortgage Payoff
  • 1099 Reporting Forms
  • Secure Escrow Services
  • Deed, Assessment & Affidavit Preparation

Courtesy Closings

Our closing department offers courtesy closings for situations where the traditional closing process is not an viable option.

Recording Services

Our experienced abstractors can record and file your real estate documents with the official records in your local government office.

1031 Exchange

We can process and file your 1031 Exchange when needing to transfer your investments from one property to another, allowing you to defer any capital gains tax.

Notary Public

If you are needing to certify any contracts, deeds, or any other official documents, many of our dedicated staff members can assist you.