Valley Land Title Company

Valley Land Title Company is a provider of title insurance, abstracting and closing services for real estate transactions.  We provide title coverage and closing services for residential and commercial property transactions.  This is achieved by our extensive real estate knowledge, superb problem solving ability, supported legal counsel, convenient location, closing flexibility, and unyielding commitment to excellent customer service.

We are a locally-owned company and are the oldest and most consistently maintained title company in Sequoyah County. We also have the most complete set of records in the county. As an established name in title services for Sequoyah County and the surrounding areas, we have the experience and expertise to professionally handle all of your title needs.

Industry Leading Real Estate Software

Streamlined Process

Valley Land Title Company uses the Industry Leading and Award winning Real Estate Software.  This insures that the the closing process is streamlined and is as smooth as possible.  Our software automates the entire process and produces alerts to make sure nothing is missed in the process.